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DN charity donation: £10,000 – NHS Norfolk & Waveney ICB

We have received a short statement from NHS Norfolk & Waveney ICB regarding the £10,000 grant we have given towards this online training. This is the first diabetes specialised training Norfolk has ever provided for health professionals. More information can be found here: https://www.cdep.org.uk/home.html

Dear Diabetes Norfolk,

I am writing to thank the contributors of the charity for their very kind donation towards a programme of staff training called The Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP).

The programme allows health and social care staff who are both registered and non- registered to learn about many aspects of diabetes care online and at their own pace.

Diabetes Norfolk funded almost 1000 courses from April 2023. The places are proving popular with over one third of places already used (July 2023).

CDEP runs campaigns such as hypoglycaemia awareness which helps the system to promote the courses each month.

To date this year, there has been particular interest from staff working in primary care and care homes.

Caring for the diabetic foot has been the most popular course to date but there are very many courses to choose from.

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