How can I apply for funding for my project?

Diabetes Norfolk is a registered charity (running since 1987), which has invested approximately £3 million in diabetes services across Norfolk.  The aim of Diabetes Norfolk is to support the care of people with diabetes in Norfolk.

Diabetes Norfolk has funded services, facilities, training and specialist expertise to people of all ages in Norfolk living with diabetes. Some of the types of project we have funded over the years include:

  • Freestyle Libre glucose monitoring kits
  • Training DVDs
  • Specialist staff
  • Training
  • Specialist equipment

We welcome applications and it is easy to apply, just complete the form online on this page.  Alternatively, you can apply in writing or email Diabetes Norfolk directly ensuring you include:

  • For whom the proposal is specifically aimed at benefiting;
  • The approximate number of people with diabetes it will help;
  • The long term plans for maintenance /pick up costs once the requested funding has been used;
  • The funding required and justification for amount requested.

Diabetes Norfolk are keen to continue supporting diabetes care in general practice across the county, so please apply if you would like help with funding for a specific project for your patients with diabetes.

Applications for funding should outline why NHS funding is not available

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