lecturehallThe 11th Elsie Bertram Memorial Lecture:

16th April 2016 – Sex & Diabetes

What women and healthcare professionals should know but possibly don’t…

Thank you to everyone who attended the interesting Sex & Diabetes lecture on 13th April 2016 with guest speaker, Professor Helen Murphy at the John Innes Centre Lecture Theatre.  Thank you too to everyone who kindly donated to the collection raising a total of £160.00 for much needed diabetes services in Norfolk. Diabetes Norfolk are looking forward to the next open lecture in 2018.



Past Lectures

YearNo.Guest SpeakerTitle
20041Dr James ShapiroIslet Cell Transplantation
20052Prof Michael BlissThe Miracle of Insulin
20063Prof Stephen O'RahillyObesity and Diabetes
20074Prof Edwin GaleHunting the Snark – causes of Type 1 Diabetes
20085Dr Peter WatkinsDiabetes in Britain – Past and Present
20096Prof Melanie DaviesDiabetes – Plague of 21st Century
2010No Lecture
20117Prof Stephanie AmielHypoglycaemia and Diabetes Therapies
20128Prof Paul DodsonRetinopathy
20139Prof Roy TaylorReversing Type 2 Diabetes
201410Prof Cliff BaileyPresent and Future Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes
2015No Lecture
201611Prof Helen MurphySex and Diabetes