In 1987 Mrs Elsie Bertram MBE (the founder of Bertram Books) and Dr Richard Greenwood (a local diabetes consultant) were inspired to support the care of people with diabetes in Norfolk.

As her obituary states, Elsie was a formidable fundraiser and was driven to improve the lives of people with diabetes in Norfolk – in part because her children Nigel and Kip have type 1 diabetes.

Elsie and Richard worked tirelessly to support The Norfolk Diabetes Appeal, and founded The Norwich and Norfolk Diabetes Trust – which was renamed The Norfolk Diabetes Trust in 2010.

Fast-forward to today, the NDT (now renamed) Diabetes Norfolk is chaired by Elsie’s son Nigel Bertram (2010 – 2021), and Professor Mike Sampson (2021 – ) and is governed by Trustees (including Kip Bertram) who either have diabetes themselves or who are passionate about bettering the lives of people living with diabetes in Norfolk.

Please note we are a charity but unable to offer any medical advice. 

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